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Housing Help

Whether you rent or own your home, some months may be more expensive than others. Our Housing Help loans can help cover any housing-related expense, such as paying for an unexpected repair, putting a down payment on a new home, or covering a seasonal heating bill. 

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Credit Cure

A credit score can make a big difference in the life you can give yourself or your family. Our Credit Cure loans can help build or boost your credit score so you can look forward to more purchasing power and a stable financial future. 

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Debt Payoff

Monthly payments to creditors can add up. It can be easy to feel buried under the weight of debt plus interest. Our Debt Payoff loans can help you pay off high-interest debt (like payday loans) and help you have more cash in your pocket at the end of each month. 

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We believe determination and potential are the best indicators of eligibility.

We know that when an individual thrives, the community around them thrives, too. That’s why we created our Housing Help, Credit Plus, and Debt Payoff loans. When you feel safe and secure in your home, your neighborhood benefits. When you have more purchasing power, businesses in your community benefit, too. Responsible personal loans don’t just benefit one person—they benefit us all.     

  • Applicants must submit or supply all required documents
  • Applicants must be PA residents

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