The loans we make are commitments to the community.

Business Lending Personal Lending

Business Lending

We are committed to the economic success and financial self-sufficiency of the residents living in the empowerment zones and renewal communities of Philadelphia. We provided over $20 million to small businesses in these communities through our lending programs. We offer financing solutions to businesses of all sizes located throughout Philadelphia.

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Business Advisory

Building a successful business is a balancing act that can put unforeseen demands on business owners. At NPF, we offer mentoring and support services needed to help entrepreneurs rise to the challenges they face and learn how to start, manage, and grow their businesses.

  • Business Coaching
  • Business Assessment
  • 1:1 Consultation

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Personal Lending

We know that when an individual thrives, the community around them thrives, too. That’s why we created our Housing Help, Credit Plus, and Debt Payoff loans. When you feel safe and secure in your home, your neighborhood benefits. When you have more purchasing power, businesses in your community benefit, too. Responsible personal loans don’t just benefit one person—they benefit us all.

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We’ve created over 3,000 new jobs in Greater Philadelphia.

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The Common Market

“As a startup it’s really hard to access capital,” says Tatiana. “For us, the way we can have an impact on our mission is by…

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You can lend a helping hand, too.

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