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To meet some of your company’s short-term financial needs, a small loan may be the perfect solution (microloan). With a microloan, you can increase inventory, expand your space, or hire the perfect person to take advantage of your next big growth opportunity.

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Small Business Loans

When bigger purchases are necessary to take your business to the next level, a small business loan with longer terms may be the answer. NPF’s small business loans can be used to purchase machinery, equipment, commercial vehicles and most other fixed assets.

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Commercial Real Estate Loans

Commercial real estate loans can be the answer for that long overdue renovation that will increase productivity or that building you’ve been eyeing. Ranging from commercial mortgages to construction loans, we have a lending product that can help.

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Flexible Loans

If you recently started a business, plan to start a business or need help implementing a growth strategy, the Neighborhood Solution could be the flexible solution to your short-term and intermediate financing needs.

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We believe determination and community impact are the best indicators of eligibility.

Banks look carefully at borrowers before they lend money, and often refer to the “4 C’s” which stand for Credit, Character, Capacity and Collateral. These are the primary indicators most lenders use to evaluate risk. And while the 4 C’s are important, Neighborhood Progress Fund believes there’s usually more to the story. For us, it’s all about Community Impact. We call this the “5th C” and it carries a lot of weight when we consider someone for a loan.

  • Applicant must be a legal business entity
  • Business entity must be registered in Pennsylvania and located in Philadelphia County
  • If an existing business, the entity must have filed tax returns in the most recent fiscal year

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Ali Albert Anaim, DPM, PC

The building was in serious disrepair, but the convenient next door location made it an obvious choice. Dr. Anaim secured most of the financing through…

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