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We can help you pay off your high-interest loans.

Monthly payments to creditors can add up. It can be easy to feel buried under the weight of debt—plus interest! Our Debt Payoff loans can help you pay off high-interest debt (like payday loans) and help you have more cash in your pocket at the end of each month. 

NPF can help you consolidate your debt and pay off your high-interest loans. Instead of managing payments to multiple creditors each month, you can make one payment each month and more quickly reduce your debt. We will walk you through the entire application process. Also, we offer 30 minutes of free financial counseling to help you responsibly pay down your debt.

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Debt Payoff

Up to $2,500
  • 8% interest rate
  • 15 month term
  • Secured by a 20% holdback
  • First payment not due until 90 days after loan closing
  • One-time $25 application fee


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**You have rented or owned your home for over 180 days.

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